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It was during our trip to Zimanga Game Reserve in South Africa where my dad and I were invited to try out their hides to take pictures of the beautiful birdlife in the area.   During our trip we tried various hides and would stay around 8 hours in a hide and then move to a different one in a different area. This was quite difficult for me to do as I usually do game drives and look for animals often times following their tracks. The reason it was so difficult is that I’m used to finding the animals so as you can imagine, it was quite hard to sit still and make no sounds and hope for something to come into view.   With all that being said I took this photo at Bird Bath Hide and after hours of waiting my patience was paid back in full when this yellow canary decided to come for a drink and a bath.  I intentionally decided to leave the blue waxbill in the background because I thought it looked quite funny when it was singing and I also wanted to make sure the droplets of water were in focus without letting them cover the eyes of both birds.

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